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- Model Cerere Helper/admin

Message par Admin le Mer 24 Aoû - 21:32

Nick server:
The greatest achievement serveur:
Why do you think deserve admin:
How many hours per day you give this game ?:
What are you going to do if you get ?: admin/helper function
What are you different from other players ?:
Have you ever been banned serveur? If so, specify all bans:
Have you ever gotten warn or jail? If so, why ?:
Actual age:
What other games you play ?:

What will you do after high school ?, you answer ?:
If a player asks how make money quickly, what do you say ?:(kill)
If a player asks how be a admin or helper ? what do you say?


Messages : 7
Date d'inscription : 24/08/2016
Age : 16

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